The best of Streamroot DNA™ meets a full suite of OTT delivery services.

Searching for end-to-end video delivery for your OTT platform? Look no further.

Streamroot DNA™ + traditional CDN: The best of both worlds in a single delivery solution.

From content ingest to encoding and playout, Streamroot offers an end-to-end suite of services to bring your content over-the-top. Streamroot’s hybrid content delivery solutions combine the industry’s most popular CDNs with the resilience and scalability of our patented Streamroot DNA™ architecture. Leveraging both centralized and distributed video delivery, Streamroot's HTTP-P2P video on-demand and live streaming CDN solutions offer enhanced point-of-presence coverage both globally and locally – wherever your viewers may be.

One workflow. 100% of your video traffic. Flawless delivery.


Full-Service CDN

A complete suite of ingest, edge network and server-side analytics


Distributed network

Increased capacity during spikes and greater worldwide reach


Targeted Delivery

In-region and in-country delivery for greater reach worldwide


Intelligent Load Balancing

For the fastest connections, either from the mesh network or CDN


An Intuitive Portal

Providing insights into overall traffic patterns and delivery efficiency


Flat-fee Pricing

For enhanced cost predictability and overall improved margins

Ready for optimized delivery in a single workflow?