Reach your global audiences in faster, cheaper, more efficient ways with Streamroot’s highly scalable delivery network.

Media companies, television networks, OTT pure players, press outlets – let’s change the way you deliver video.

Scale Up… and Across the World

Increase global reach while handling traffic spikes with ease.

Streamroot helps content providers overcome two colossal challenges:

  • providing enough capacity to accommodate increasingly large, unpredictable audiences
  • scaling to viewers dispersed throughout the world

By leveraging mesh networks, Streamroot’s HTML5 video streaming technology increases server capacity while reaching wider audiences. Scale naturally to your viewers with a widely distributed delivery network.

Streamroot helps broadcasters scale naturally as their viewers increase. Video providers are not limited by video CDN server locations, and actually benefit from a high number of viewers.
Increase your quality of service with the help of Streamroot's patented technology which intelligently selects the source for the next video segment.

Increase quality of Service

Dynamic multi-sourcing of content means less rebuffering and higher bitrates.

To combat the problems of buffering due to slow downloads, high demand, or high bitrate, Streamroot dynamically selects the best source for the next fragment. Our patented technology extends and improves on the ABR logic in the latest video players in order to increase quality of service and deliver a way out of bottlenecks where CDNs fall short.

A Unique Fixed Price Model

Whatever the bitrate, wherever your content is delivered.

Take control of your delivery costs with a revolutionary model that cuts operating expenses while offering stability and predictability for years to come. While traditional CDN pricing (bandwidth in Gbps) penalizes customers for higher bitrates, Streamroot offers a single price per user to help broadcasters achieve profitable growth throughout the transition to 4K, virtual reality and beyond.

Now there is no need to pay more when more people stream your content on higher quality and bitrates, thanks to Streamroot's unique CDN pricing.

Streamroot delivery acceleration

Streamroot combines the best of a controlled, centralized CDN network with the resilience and scalability of a widely distributed mesh architecture. We are redefining how video is delivered and what peer-based technology can achieve.

Streamroot changes the way video delivery works by introducing peer to peer data sharing along with the traditional video streaming CDN

Technology innovations

Our transformative technology is built on innovative delivery techniques that dynamically determine the best source for each fragment of video.

Your video segments can be extracted from multiple sources, and Streamroot's technology decides the best possible way to do so.

Dynamic multi-sourcing to unlock the millions of connections possible and balance delivery loads intelligently

Use devices' full power for more effective video streaming delivery.

Micro-caching to unleash the full potential of streaming devices and create a more widely distributed, efficient delivery network

Streamroot's proprietary technology helps reach the best bitrates on all compatible formats and players like hls.js and dash.js

Intelligent assembling of content from multiples sources for the highest bitrates possible in HLS and MPEG-DASH

Seamless integration into your workflow

Packaging, CDN and DRM agnostic, Streamroot fits in seamlessly across the web and HTML5 video ecosystem. Our delivery acceleration is plug-and-play with the with the world’s most trusted commercial and open-source HTML5 players such as Brightcove, JW Player, hls.js, dash.js and videoJS.