Streamroot: client-accelerated streaming delivery optimization for VOD and live streams

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Scale Your Video Delivery Effortlessly - And For Good.

Streamroot client-accelerated optimization technology has helped the largest broadcasters deliver lightning-fast streams to a global audience. Our hybrid delivery solution combines the best of a controlled, centralized network with the resilience and scalability of a widely distributed delivery architecture.

Every day, Streamroot works to help content providers reach their audiences more efficiently, ensure better quality of service, and naturally scale to increasing demand.

Fortify Your Delivery Infrastructure

reduce bandwidth

Decentralize Your Delivery

Use a highly distributed network to better support growing audiences

 manage peaktime traffic

Bolster Your Capacity

Create a more efficient, flexible and resilient architecture for your platform

improve UX quality viewer experience

Protect Against Server Outages

Offer your audience a natural barrier against the effects of server outages and saturation

Maximize returns and retention with better QoE

peer-to-peer video on demand streaming

Offer Faster, Better Quality Video

Encourage customer retention and longer session times

peer-to-peer live streams sporting events concerts

Scale Effortlessly to your Audience

Build a delivery infrastructure that grows naturally with your platform

peer-to-peer video conference corporate enterprise streams

Streamline Delivery Costs

Save up to 70% on CDN bills with a client-accelerated streaming solution

web radio

Build A Profitable Platform

Increase QoE to effectively
monetize your platform


"Streamroot has been a great technology partner for the Eurosport Player team since its relaunch last summer. They have really taken the time to fully understand our unique use case and we are happy to work with them as we continue to grow the platform."

Marc Amiot,

Chief Information Officer,

Eurosport, a Discovery company

Ready to deliver better? You’re not alone.

Join those who have optimized their delivery with Streamroot decentralized streaming.

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vod video on-demand

Video on-demand

Offering replay TV, SVOD, series or films? Scale to growing audiences with client-accelerated streaming.

live streaming events

Live streams

Spiky traffic? Stop sweating. Streamroot helps live sports broadcasters deliver when it matters the most.