Faster delivery Less Bandwidth Instant scaling

Turn your audience into an asset.

Streamroot is an award-winning peer-to-peer solution to help broadcasters deliver lightning fast streams at a lower cost.

The broadcaster's dilemma

Current streaming infrastructures rely on content delivery networks and servers to deliver content to many. These solutions are expensive and fail to provide an acceptable quality of service during traffic spikes.

schema without Streamroot

The Streamroot solution

Streamroot uses peer-to-peer protocols to decentralize delivery, enabling broadcasters to improve quality of streams and lighten the burden on saturated infrastructures, all while reducing costs.

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schema with Streamroot

Reduce your bandwidth

Reduce bandwidth costs by 50 to 70% with peer-to-peer network

peaktime traffic

Handle peak time traffic

Turn traffic into an asset - the more viewers the better it works


Improve user experience

Better quality streams with higher bitrates and download speeds - no more buffering!


Optimized connections

Peers are selected via
priorization algorithms for faster,
more efficient connections


No plugins

Streamroot requires no plugin,
extension or installation
from end users


Real-time analytics

Monitor video playout
statistics in real time
with Streamroot's dashboard



All communications are encrypted
to ensure the integrity
of your streams.



Offering replay TV, SVoD, series or films?
Scale up and optimize traffic with
peer-to-peer streaming.


Live streams

A scalable solution to optimize the quality of your
live events, sports or e-game streams.
Stop fearing traffic peaks.

Ready to offer better quality at lower bandwidth costs?

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